Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rat King : First finished piece of 2013!

This work titled "Rat King" is only about 9" x 7", graphite on paper.
A Rat King is a real phenomena in which large groups of rats living together become intertwined at their tails; they almost become one living organism as they must struggle to survive, blood and feces bonding the knotted tails together. They were seen as a very bad omen, especially around the time of plague.
I am a stickler for detail, so this piece, extremely detailed in nature, took me a very long time to create.

As a child, I went to the Nutcracker ballet near the Holidays with my mother, and when I discovered what the true meaning of a "Rat King" was, I was inspired to create this piece of art.
"Rat King" by Cody Raiza

Thank for looking! I hope you like it!
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