Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Parallel Universe Called "Surrealism"

The work of contemporary surrealist painters like Christian Rex van Minnen, Martin Wittfooth, and Nick Baxter continues to widen the scope of what is perceivable to the common viewer, while all the while fascinating the eye of the most scrutinous. This new age of surrealism is none to be taken lightly, especially in a time when more artwork is born of a digital nature and our minds aren't easily tricked into thinking something is aesthetically pleasing or in the case of CGI, real at all.
It has always been tough for me to classify my work into a category. Sometimes horror with a taste of surrealism, and sometimes the complete opposite; either way, extremely satisfied with not having a niche.
These other artists that I mentioned before have carved their own personal niche as well, and extremely successfully. Their niche, should it be a place, would have platinum bike racks and a giant @!*&ing gold plaque on it that says "take this diamond encrusted elevator to my top floor studio, bitches." You might think I am exaggerating , but I assure you these new surrealist painters are top notch and will shape the future of art in our generation.
I hope that I never lose touch with traditional art as I make my way into the digital world. It would be like selling my soul to that pc guy in those awful commercials...picture it in your head, so shameful.
I obviously use a lot of colored pencil, though it is not the best medium for trying to convey more surreal ideas, but I enjoy working with it and that's all there is to it.
I started this piece below while hanging out with Nick B. and I didn't really know where it was going to go. I had my photo references, but didn't have a vision until shortly after he asked me "well, what else are you going to do with it?." Sometimes your creativity just needs a little push, and sure enough, my brain started swirling.
Fascinated with bioluminescence, decay, and the power and will of life, I came up with this concept. Stay tuned to my blog to see me venture back into the land of oil painting...

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