Wednesday, October 5, 2011

creature design : Blacktip Gatordilla

This creature of mine started from a sketch that, lets just say, wasn't very well executed. As lots of sketches start, it was just a quick idea, probably one that woke me up in the middle of the night. The Blacktip Gatordilla evolved from the original sketch after paying attention to certain references including the alligator snapping turtle and a rhinoceros.  He has the stance of a bulldog but does not move awkwardly, he is very powerful and has quite the display when attracting a mate. The quills on his back clap together noisily, he uses his powerful tail to slap the sides of trees while he stamps his paws with his powerful back legs, and grunts and hisses while showing his powerful jaws. What sexy ladydilla wouldn't be impressed? The Blacktip being a large animal still needs to use some of these 'techniques' to ward off the even larger animals that share his habitat, although they often choose to avoid confrontation. When not showing off for a potential mate, Gatordilla spends most of his time fishing and foraging for food; he would most likely not be bothered by smaller animals in his habitat and lives peacefully and symbiotically alongside the many other species in his lush forest habitat.

Gatordilla Concept Sketch

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