Monday, March 4, 2013

'Blood and Oil' at The Hive in Los Angeles

This coming Saturday at The Hive Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, I will have a small oil painting in a group show curated by White Matter. The theme of the show reflects the relationships between human and machine.

My small piece titled "Cage Free" is oil painted on a 6" x 6" panel.
The image is of a 16 day old chick growing in its shell. As a society, I feel we are too far removed from our food, millions of boy chicks are thrown into grinders every day to perpetuate the growing commercialization of our food system. I want the viewer to connect the essence of life being shown in the painting with their own consciousness of being.
"Cage Free" by Cody Raiza

cover art for flyer by "Jel Ena"


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