Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art is Love. Love is All.

I have had the privileged opportunity of participating in a love-themed show along with 98 other artists that opens to the public on May 3rd in Fullerton for the Art Walk. "Love. Sex. Unity. Respect." aims to promote love, equality, and understanding in our community.

My painting titled "Awaiting a Brighter Future, Together" will be on display and up for auction at this show, half of the proceeds of this show go to charitable causes.

This painting is not typical of my usual subject matter or themes, but the issue of equality is one that is very dear to my heart and I wanted to treat it appropriately: with lightness and care. My painting features two male cardinals, toes clasped together as they fly or fall together, symbolizing the bond of love. Love is not dependency, it is a willingness to live selflessly with another, and share each others' triumphs as equally as one's defeats. Love is a delicate bond and should be treated with respect; I hope we can learn to respect others' choices to love beyond societal boundaries of gender.

"Awaiting a Brighter Future, Together"
Oil on wood panel, with metal and glass framing elements 9" x 12"

"Awaiting a Brighter Future, Together" by Cody Raiza

"Awaiting a Brighter Future, Together" by Cody Raiza

"Awaiting a Brighter Future, Together" by Cody Raiza (detail)

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